Get real about diabetes


There’s no disputing that Type 2 diabetes is a national epidemic. With Novo Nordisk, we wanted to encourage people to get real, for real about their diabetes.

Our approach was to encourage them to see the lighter side of living with Type 2 Diabetes while still giving the honest truths about this condition. We touch our audience through a series of content that provides health facts and important lifestyle changes needed to get diabetes in control.

Agency: BCW
Client: Novo Nordisk

Role: JR Art Director
GCD: David Holman


It’s a fact that people are known to freeze and forget on the biggest stage of their lives — the doctor’s office. Luckily, Anthony has the credibility of an experienced actor to help you nail the critical role of asking your doctor about ways to reduce cardiovascular risks.


Anthony has never been shy to speak his mind, even if the setting or context isn’t necessarily linked to the subject he wants to discuss. And when it comes to diabetes health and cardiovascular disease, Anthony can’t help but interrupt, whether that means breaking a scene or pausing an interview, because his message is too important for people not to hear. 


Sit back and relax with Anthony as he drops some diabetes knowledge during his mid-day backyard lounge. No one knows what it’s like to live with diabetes like someone who’s in it, so step into his “office” as he recites on some Lawn Thoughts.


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