Since 2019, Chipotle has pledged to help reinvigorate the farming industry for future generations through advocacy and long-term contracts with young farmers across the U.S.


Within the last decade, 20 million acres of U.S. farmland was lost and in the next 5 years 100 million acres of farmland is expected to change due to land affordability and rent, causing young farmers to face more challenges than ever.


We’re going to give Chipotle fans the opportunity of nobility by becoming Lords and Ladies through “buying” land from our young farmers.

Purchasing a royal title is a hot commodity. Even Ice Cube is a Scottish Lord! Many are laying down the bucks to get theirs so we’ll open up the royal title market to even more people.

Through buying a Chipotle certificate of nobility, customers across the nation will be “crowned” with manorial titles of farmland with the proceeds helping our farmers keep their land.


To help launch our royal title initiative, we will team up with farmer at heart and celebrity Chipotle super fan Miley Cyrus.

At one of the biggest award shows of the season, the People’s Choice Awards, Miley Cyrus will show off her new “title” to get the buzz rolling.

After our reveal at the People’s Choice Awards, Miley will release a series of promo videos on social that will lead patrons to the royal microsite where they can purchase their titles.



Our microsite will officially launch on October 12th, National Famers Day, allowing anyone to purchase a title to become a (land)Lord/Lady of U.S. farmland. All proceeds will go to the National Young Farmers Coalition.



Each royal title package will include a deed of title, information about the farmer and farmland area they are supporting, and a personalized Chiptole Royalty Card.

With the Royalty Card, Lord and Lady patrons will be able to have their burritos upgraded to be wrapped in gold foil as well as receive free guac when presented at their local Chipotle.


As a part of our initiative, we will highlight farmers in a series of testimonial videos that will release on Chipotle’s social platforms.

Through these videos Lords and Ladies will be able to see firsthand how they’ve been able to help these farmers across the nation.

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