With Brazil being the country with the highest rate of solar radiation, it is not surprising that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the country.


Melanoma is the cause of 75% of skin cancer deaths in Brazil, however 99% of these deaths could be prevented with early diagnosis. This is possible because Melanoma is easy to identify with the eyes, but even though it is an easy test, many die from this type of cancer simply because they do not have the knowledge to identify the moles effectively.


Have you ever noticed that a melanoma mole looks very similar to a cookie? We decided to turn Brazlians’ undying love for cookies into something that saves lives by creating DiagnostiCookies, the easiest guide to identifying melanoma. In each box, you can see a side-by-side comparison of cookies resembling healthy moles and melanoma moles, showing the differences in size, color, shape and texture. Besides the cookies, the box also came with a guide to identifying these signs, and motivated people to make a visual skin cancer screening on themselves, friends and loved ones.

Wunderman Thompson Health, New York
Horaios Dermatology Clinic
Art Director

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