Purina’s mission has always been to keep pets and owners together. Through the Purple Leash Project, a charitable partnership between Purina and RedRover, Purina extends this effort by advocating and aiding the needs of domestic violence survivors.


Almost half of domestic violence survivors delay leaving an abusive situation because they don’t want to leave their pets behind. And only 15% of shelters accept pets.

But more could if they received the funding needed to make renovations necessary for housing pets. With the shelter upgrade cost starting at $100,000, this tremendous issue calls for a tremendous amount of money. To solve this problem, we’re going to focus on pet lovers with the most resources by targeting the wealthy.


We will break into the prestigious world of celebrity, art and fashion by crashing the year’s highest-profile fundraiser attended by society’s highest-profile people: The Met Gala.

We’ll bring awareness and raise money for domestic violence survivors in a three-part campaign: beginning with a special edition of Vogue, crashing the Met Gala, and hosting the first-ever Pet Gala at the Met to launch its proceeding exhibition.

Role: Art Director
Partner: Jessie Merriman

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